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Organic Flavored Extravirgin Olive Oil


Our special organic condiments in extravirgin olive oil we carefully produce in our company, have been created to offer our customers a high quality product ready to be used in special dishes to enhance the characteristics of the food.  Starting from a base of our organic extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality we have created in different flavors of seasoning that could well adapt to some dishes, using excellent natural flavors extracted from organic essential oils of herbs and citrus.

Being conscious producers of extra virgin olive oil, we were quite undecided whether to start the preparation of this kind of product. The final push to do it came to realizing that often, in full culinary inspiration to give a special touch to some food that has been prepared, it happens that the spice or flavoring you want to use to flavor your dish is not available in the kitchen . We have therefore decided to offer our customers high quality products in this field to help them make each dish a unique moment to savor. The strength of our products is such that the base of the condiment is entirely our organic extravirgin olive oil. Contrary to what generally happen for the seasonings in oil, ours do not contain a low quality olive oil but the same our customers can buy as classic version. This is the reason why the addition of natural organic flavors come from high quality essential oils extracted from the herbs and citrus, represents a product that even the extravirgin olive oil purtist lovers will appreciate.

Here are the seasonings in organic extra virgin olive oil produced today, with some advice on use. Anyway we let anybody free for each personal creativity and daring to dress every dish with a tasty touch of fantasy:


Organic Condiment basis on extra virgin olive oil flavored with LEMON

Limoneok-Limone-1Serving Suggestions:

Excellent to season boiled fish, salads, cooked vegetables, seafood, dried beef, particularly suitable for the dressing of rice with cheese.



Organic Condiment basis on extra virgin olive oil flavored with OREGANO

Origanook-Origano-1Serving Suggestions:

Ideal for pasta, pizza, tomato sauce, to flavor the white meat grilled, caprese, tomato and bread or bruschetta.




Organic Condiment basis on extra virgin olive oil flavored with CHILLI

Peperoncinook-Peperoncino-1Serving Suggestions:

Suitable to spice up any meat dish, pasta, pizza, and give a touch of spice anywhere like it.




Organic Condiment basis on extra virgin olive oil flavored with ROSEMARY

Rosmarinook-Rosmarino-1Serving Suggestions:

Particularly suitable for roast chicken, white meat and grilled.




Organic Condiment basis on extra virgin olive oil flavored with BASIL

Basilicook-Basilico-1Serving Suggestions:

Suitable for pasta, pizza, pesto, quiche, pasta salads and omelettes.




Organic Condiment basis on extra virgin olive oil flavored with GARLIC & CHILLI

Aglio-Peperoncinook-Aglio-1Serving Suggestions:

Recommended for gravies and sauces, soups, fish, grilled fish and steamed, grilled meats, roasts and stews, spaghetti bruschette. Very good for the typical Mediterranean cuisine.



Organic Condiment basis on extra virgin olive oil flavored with ORANGE

Aranciaok-Arancia-1Serving Suggestions:

Ideal for matching with fish, boiled vegetables, carpaccio, shrimp and tomato salad, citrus salad, white meat, rice salad, caprese, mozzarella and semi-hard cheeses. Particularly suitable for flavoring cakes.




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    Come to visit us at SAPORBIO 2011, one of the most important event regarding organic products created by Marco Columbro.

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  • Olive Oil: campaign 2010/2011

    olive 01 January, 2011

    Also this year the harvest has just ended giving us great satisfaction in terms of quality. The ideal climate has allowed us to pick olives in the best conditions. The result is an excellent organic extra virgin olive oil with a very low acidity and with the right note of bitterness and pungency that characterizes our product.