• Taste the nature  our products are wholesome and healthy and are born in the heart of Gargano from organic soils that are rich of that simple charm which only a rural setting can offer. uliveto-panorama3
  • High Quality with Right PriceWe are always attentive to the needs of a conscious consumer looking for high quality products for daily consumption. Senza-titolo-3
  • Our Farm Storebuy our products directly from us visiting our company or with a simple click of your mouse in the shop online directly. pane-e-olio
  • Tradition and Renewaltied to our roots but we are always looking for innovation to create products that are healthy, quality, environmentally sustainable and accessible to all. Olive+mani
  • Looking for TasteYou'll find to us several ways to rediscover the real taste of things, from tastings to the days to live in touch with nature accompanied by simple food, good and healthy. a-gastronomia-7
  • Take back the authentic flavors "...who does not care about what he eats will not worry about anything else..." – Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)  Prodotti-con-bottiglie-2b
Our small company, a big dream!
About Us

We are a young farm

that works in organic farming in an area mainly olive-suited where  you can feel there are still strong and obvious links with the rural culture and country. Our lands are located on the slopes of the hills of San Giovanni Rotondo, maybe the most commonly known city within the Gargano National Park.

We are a new reality

that, in a complex domain such as agriculture, with full respect for the land and nature and with the right business skills, aims to combine Tradition, Environment and Innovation highlighting local production which is made in the complete preservation of the authenticity and quality.


The territory which hosts our company

is the Gargano National Park, a wildlife range of landscapes ranging from the visions of barren mountains of the cape, the green expanses of olive trees, to the deep blue sea and sky. The particular microclimate, the mild typically Mediterranean, the karst terrain and harsh, the rural landscape, are a blend of natural elements, so typical as to make food products and especially the extra virgin olive oil, the expression more characteristic of the territory.

The passion for the land,

for natural things and wholesome foods have always accompanied our days. The flavors come across too often in the artifacts of mass consumption, where the only discriminating in choosing a product is the lowest price even despite of quality, has led us to reflect on what we were lucky to get natural products obtained by people working the land in full respect of the nature. We decided to turn our passion into a job that would allow us to be in contact with all that there has always been passionate about: the interaction between the land and human labor to rediscover real flavors and smells.

We operate in a typical rural area

where it is still strong bond with the land and traditions. The handing down from generation to generation, the authenticity and genuineness of flavors has led us to dedicate all our work and our commitment to the development and sustainability of organic farming, making quality our main business goal to reach.


We are a company that operates mainly as family management

and serving only organic products of our area. We are farmers, business men and distributors, so we try to follow every detail so that the quality of our products can be recognized and appreciated. Very important for us is the direct meet with our customers that want have a business with us, hoping them to embrace our same philosophy.

We still believe that it is possible to do agriculture in a sustainable way, despite this kind of market will become ever more complex, where often the unfair competition from some large groups which sometimes force small companies to bend to a market which don't take of the most typical and not fake products. Too often,unfortunately, the competition is made ​​downward a standard taste affecting quality products instead of enhancing the flavors that are a unique asset of Italian which should be protected and a consumer alert and aware should aim at.

Respect for the territory and for the nature, orientation toward total quality, attention always aimed at customer satisfaction and the right price are the factors that distinguish our products and our way of doing business.

  • Exhibitions and Events

    officinalia 22nd-25th April, 2011

    We will be at OFFICINALIA 2011, the Organic Fair Food and Products which will be held in the Castle of Belgioioso in Pavia.

    saporbio June, 2011

    Come to visit us at SAPORBIO 2011, one of the most important event regarding organic products created by Marco Columbro.

  • Highlights

     Finally the new website is online!

    We have redesigned our website to make it more informative and keep you updated with all our initiatives. The redesign is in progress for which we apologize if some areas will not be complete or still have a few problems. For further information you can contact us using our references found on the "Contact Us".

  • Olive Oil: campaign 2010/2011

    olive 01 January, 2011

    Also this year the harvest has just ended giving us great satisfaction in terms of quality. The ideal climate has allowed us to pick olives in the best conditions. The result is an excellent organic extra virgin olive oil with a very low acidity and with the right note of bitterness and pungency that characterizes our product.